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モンスターイメージ Cosmic year 185. C24, the planet with rich resources, became isolated being caught up in a space storm. Two years later, main capitals and cities were attacked by the mutated creatures known as Metal Breeds. Survivors were in the outskirts seeking for peace. No help or support could be called in this isolation, and supplies were running out. In this hopeless situation, the mercenary troops, Strife of Vortex Co., also the owners of planet C24 were striving for the lives of mankind. Time has come for you to defeat the enemies with arms and tactics to take back the land!


  • Vanguard
    All-round soldier in the frontlines. With its high life recovery, takes part in various situations such as confusing enemies, free attacking, defending and etc.
  • Juggernaut
    Artillery using heavy weapons with large bores. An attacker with high firepower equipping a heavy armor struggle jacket that holds off attacks.
  • Scout
    Army engineer skilled in setting Traps with explosives. Supports other members with its lightweight and quickness in battle fields.
  • Strider
    Special soldiers specialized in special armory. High in both defense and attacks, using various moves, and tracking down enemies.

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  • Dread Fist ■Dread FistWith its gigantic body, takes role in hand to hand combat using its giant knuckles. Avoid the attack that can easily go through armor, and be sure to maintain distance.

  • Funny Digger ■Funny DiggerGiant worm living in the desert. Digs down under, approaches the enemy and attacks with its larvae. Be aware of the venom the larva spits during battles.

  • Forest Tyrant ■Forest TyrantA tough enemy that fires an electro pulse that disables sensors, and uses a stealth function that blends in the backgrounds. Be extra cautious in areas where its hiding.

  • Noisy Queen ■Noisy QueenFlying type Metal Breed. Moves quickly and fires a generator that attacks from far distance. Focus on its weak points when you battle.


  • Assault Rifle ■Assault RifleRifle that shows power in near distance. Each bullet lacks power but can fire automatically. Widely useful in battle fields.

  • Sniper Rifle ■Sniper RifleSniper Rifle that can fire in long range. Quick and powerful but cannot hold much ammo, not much suited for close combat.

  • Bazooka ■BazookaA rocket launcher that fires bullets with great power meant to be fired to tanks. Bullets have the highest attack power but very hard to handle.

  • Breed Weapon ■Breed WeaponGuns created with the base of Metal Breeds. Very hard to obtain but can expect high power with different characteristics for each type of Breeds.


  • Laszlo DOME ■Laszlo DOMEExperiment facility located in the dense woods of Laszlo. Some parts are still opened, but most of the areas were destroyed by Metal Breeds.

  • Balk Desert ■Balk DesertArea with desertification progressing. A power facility serving the whole areas of C24 existed in the past. Recovering this area will mean a big step forward.

  • Tarava Canyon ■Tarava CanyonLocated near the cities, a harsh environment with strong winds blowing, lies the government's military post playing the roles of the barrier. The center core base of the planet.

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